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Centro Direzionale Site, isola C4 80143 Napoli Porter's Lodge 081- 5476660

Four general IT labs with 140 workstations. Four research IT labs (Architecture and Systems, Geomatics, Parallel and Distributed Calculus, Computational Vision).
The research laboratories are in the Department of Applied Sciences (the same building in the Centro Direzionale).
Study rooms with free wi-fi connection.
Faculty library with 22,000 volumes and scientific journals
Student Office and Teaching Committee for Information Technology onsite.

Site of the Faculty of Science and Technology


Welcome to Department of Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Technology, stems from the merging of the former Departments of Applied Sciences and Environmental Sciences and in fact replaces the existing and prestigious Faculty of Science and Technology.

The origins of the Department of Science and Technology date back to 1919, the year of the foundation of Parthenope University of Naples.

Since its first academic year, 1920/21, the University has never broken off its close link with the economic, social and cultural reality of the local area, adapting systematically to the changes taking place over time, in order to provide the education and training best suited to emerging needs.

In September 2007 the faculty moved to its new premises at the Centro Direzionale di Napoli - Island C4. This modern building, designed and built specifically as a university site, is perfectly suited to the needs of a scientific and technological Faculty.

So, the faculty of Nautical Science, which changed its name in 2003, in addition to developing the study of nautical and aeronautical Science and Technology, extended its field of scientific interest to issues of growing social importance, such as the environment, Science and Technology and Biology, becoming the Faculty of Science and Technology and nowdays Departmente ofScience and Technology a name certainly more representative of the courses of studies on offer.

Since September 2007, the faculty has at last obtained its new site at the Centro Direzionale di Napoli – Island C4. The structure, designed and built as a university site, is modern, and fully answers the needs of a faculty with a scientific and technological vocation.

The courses and training proposed by our faculty are wide-ranging and cover very different disciplines in terms of both methods and aims.
With the new university reforms (Ministerial Decree 270) all degree courses run by the faculty have a maximum of 20 examinations for the first level and 12 for the second level degrees; alongside a programme of well-established courses, students will also have access to newly designed programmes, with three first-level degree courses and two second level courses (lauree magistrali).

From the year 2009, has been instituted a First Level Degree in Biology. There will also be three second-level masters courses, to complete and enrich professional training.

The opportunity of the new reforms allows to complete the course in a shorter time and guaranteeing high quality professional training in only three years, is reflected in a careful revision of the contents of the taught courses, aimed at a better organisation of the teaching, eliminating overlapping and duplication. The aim is to improve efficiency and the quality of teaching, and to earn at the same time in contribution and productivity. Of course there will be an immediate benefit arising from the greater interconnection between the first level degree courses and the second level ones

In addition to lectures in the class-room, where students receive a theoretical background in the core and specialised scientific disciplines, students also carry out activities of a practical and experimental nature, such as traineeships, placements and dissertations with numerous firms and organisations with whom formal relationships have been set up. Our commitment is to provide up-to-date and appropriate knowledge for the needs of society, but above all a stimulating learning experience

On this matter, the particularly privileged relationship between professors and students, which has always been a strong point of the faculty, allows a cultural and professional education which is systematic, balanced and in tune with the expectations of the work market.

The size of the department is favourable to an excellent relationship between professors and students, and a high level of services often allowing almost personalised study paths.

Typically, students at Science and Technology spend a lot of hours in the faculty building: the exchange of ideas with colleagues on the subjects taken up during the lessons, together with attending lectures, represent the most efficient and productive way of "living" the university.

In reality, the students' full-time presence at university not only contributes to personal growth, but represents a phase in the completion of the education of the whole person, and it is precisely during the period at university that the bases are formed for a student's private and professional makeup.

For this reason, the faculty, fully aware of its own role and responsibilities, pays particular attention to the quality of the teaching and services, making available to its students the structures suited to the number of people enrolled, together with ample study areas inside and out.

The lecture rooms are fully equipped, the IT rooms are state of the art, and there are modern laboratories with important scientific equipment where students can take part and be actively involved in advanced study activities.

Students from the Department of Science and Technology obtain an academic qualification and a professional preparation which can offer ready access to the world of work, with numerous work opportunities in strategic sectors.

The Department of Science and Technology has also recently invested considerable effort in the internationalisation process.

For the period 2010-2013, for the "Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development" sector, the faculty was assigned the prestigious Fulbright Chair, which is assigned every year (for three years and can be renewed) which is assigned to only three Italian universities.

The Commission for Cultural Exchange between Italy and the United States has in fact selected "Parthenope", together with the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Trieste, for the Distinguished Fulbright Chair. Thanks to this agreement, "Parthenope" will host each year an American professor of great scientific standing.

Through this prestigious agreement, "Parthenope" completes a series of important recent international agreements whereby we become involved, not only in the United States, but also in Europe (with Erasmus examinations, bilateral cooperation, and European Commission research projects), in Asia (especially with cooperation agreements with numerous Chinese Universities), in Latin America (especially, with the European ALFA-SUPPORT programme, for education and research between Europe and Latin America, coordinated by Parthenope).

In 2020, the UNESCO Chair in “Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development” has been awarded to the International PhD Programme “Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development” of the Department of Science and Technology. Please visit the dedicated website: www.unescochair.uniparthenope.it

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